Examining Well-Known Health and Fitness Myths

People like to think they have all the answers when it comes to magic secrets of weight loss, and so they put it out for whomever to grab a hold onto. But there are many myths when it comes to exercise and fitness. Below, we examine some of the most common ones, as advised by experts:Doing Crunches or Using an Ab Machine Will Get Rid of Belly Fat
Experts agree that although ab exercises can strengthen and tone your midsection, they do nothing by themselves to decrease body fat. “You can’t pick and choose areas where you’d like to burn fat,” says Phil Tyne, Director of the fitness center at the Baylor Tom Landry Health & Wellness Center in Dallas. To burn fat, you need a fitness routine that includes cardiovascular and strength-training elements. This will decrease your overall body fat, which includes belly fat.WebMD recommends that to lose fat around your midsection, instead of focusing on ab work, do exercises that work multiple muscle groups at one time, and of course, pay attention to your diet. Tom Holland, Exercise Physiologist and author of Beat the Gym says, “Abs are made in the kitchen, not by crunches.” Holland also cautions not to work your abs every day because, like every other muscle group, they need time to rest and recover. “Training a muscle causes the muscle to break down,” he says. “And it is during rest that it is allowed to repair and rebuild itself.”You Have to Work Up a Sweat to Burn Calories
In fact, you can burn a lot of calories without breaking a sweat. Sweat has nothing to do with intensity. It is just the body’s way of cooling itself. Liz Neporent, a health and fitness expert and national spokesperson for the American Council on Exercise, says that the idea that if you don’t sweat, you’re not working hard enough is “just an illusion.” She says, “You will initially lose more weight when you sweat more, but as soon as you drink something, you replace the water weight.”You Have to Work Up a Sweat to Remove Toxins
Many people believe that sweating is also a good way to detoxify your body. In fact, only about one percent of the total amount of toxins in the body are released through perspiration, according to Jari Love, a certified personal trainer and creator of the Get RIPPED! Workout. “[T]he main organs responsible for excreting waste are actually the gastrointestinal tract – the liver, kidneys, immune systems and lungs.” Working up a sweat is healthy for your body, but does very little to actually detoxify your system.If You Aren’t Sore After a Workout, You Aren’t Working Hard Enough
Fitness and health experts agree that the “no pain, no gain” adage could be one of the most dangerous fitness myths out there. “A fitness activity should not hurt while you are doing it, and if it does, then either you are doing it wrong, or you already have an injury,” says Todd Schlifstein, a clinical instructor at New York University Medical Center’s Rusk Institute.Soreness results from inflammation and the chemical response to inflammation. If you are sore the day after exercising a muscle group, it means you should take your workout in that area down a notch. Many athletes don’t feel pain because they know how to expend just the right amount of energy for their body. Gauging your progress by your pain threshold is not accurate because you don’t have to have soreness to gain muscle size or strength.If a Woman Lifts Heavy Weights, She Will Bulk Up
Many women believe the best way to work out is to do many reps with light weights to avoid looking like a professional weight lifter. In fact, most women lack the hormones or the muscle mass necessary to bulk up without supplements or more dangerous substances.Liz Neporent recommends lifting increasingly heavy weights until your muscles are fatigued after eight to 15 reps. It is important to work up to heavier weights gradually, and to not hesitate to ask someone to spot you. Form is crucial with heavier weights to avoid injury, but there’s no reason to worry about looking like Ms. Olympia.There are many misperceptions about what works and what does not when it comes to losing weight, eating healthy and staying fit. It is important to do your research rather than rely on what you have always heard.

Health and Fitness Through Weight Loss

Most people tend to judge other people’s health and fitness levels by their physical appearance. A common assumption is that if someone is over weight, they are not fit. Unfortunately, everyone’s weight is a clue as to whether or not they are eating healthy foods and are exercising.It is not uncommon to find that lower self-esteem and being over weight tend to go hand in hand. The more extra weight someone is carrying around, the more limited physically that person will be. If you are one of those people, now is the time to put the past behind and start a weight loss program that will help resolve those issues.Ideally, finding out what is causing you to gain weight is the best place to start. People tend to over eat for a variety of reasons including boredom, stress, depression, etc. These issues will need to be addressed before any weight loss program can be successful.It is also important to know why you want to lose weight. People that successfully lose weight and keep it off have addressed the why of their weight gain and have a strong reason for wanting to lose the weight. Strong motivation will keep you going even if you hit a plateau.It is important for anyone deciding to start a healthy diet plan to completely commit to taking care of themselves and stick to their plan long term. Any successful diet plan will require lifestyle changes that are permanent. Making changes for a short period of time just to lose weight will only allow for short time weight loss. Losing weight and then gaining it right back is not the way to get your body healthy.Anyone that wants to be successful at getting into shape and losing weight is going to need help. Get your family and friends involved because you need their support. You need someone that you can call when you feel like giving up. It would be great if a family member or friend would also commit to your weight loss plan.Don’t panic if you cheat once in awhile. Remember that just because you fall off the wagon once, does not mean that you should just give up. Pick yourself up and get right back to work on your plan. Everyone is going to slip up on occasion but don’t let that completely derail your weight loss goals.In order to lose weight safely, you should always consider getting professional help. The more weight someone has to loose, the harder it is going to be to stick to a plan long term. It is also very important to see a doctor and get a physical before starting any weight loss plan.Stick with it, keep your eyes on the final goal and use your support system. If you would like your own personal fat burning meal plans CLICK HERE here to get them.

Top Ten Education Jobs DC Has Available

The District of Columbia or Washington DC as known to you offers education jobs in various organizations and universities, who employ teachers, catalogers, trainers, instructors, in part time and full time service.For employment in such institutes or companies you need to fulfill certain criteria that subjects to teaching in that specific area. Places like Virginia, Maryland, accrue to teaching positions.Education jobs DC also employ teachers at public charter schools controlled by District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS) and since there has been an increment by 13% each year in the charter schools, from 2001, new education jobs in DC are on the horizon.DC job profileWashington DC has many universities to cater to your demand of any particular subject. Some of the best known universities include, the University of The District of Columbia(UDC), George Washington University (GW), American University (AU), and the Corcoran College of Art and Design which not only allows you to choose your subject for application, but also provides a wider scope to your teaching career.You can also suit your timing accordingly with the institution or company you are employed by, keeping in mind your degree of work. Education jobs in DC include general education instructor, online educational instructors, kindergarten teacher, educational consultant, librarians, library clerks, online educational writers, charter school teacher according to subject, faculty chair posts, instructional assistants, and director of education.Top ten hot jobs available at Washington DCWith so many job positions and working profile you must be thinking of DC education employment availabilities. Well here are a recommended few, fro which you can apply and pertain to your and the institution’s demand.1- Kindergarten teacher- Imagine schools, Washington DC.2- Educational consultant- Scholastic, Washington DC.3- Law Librarian and Library clerks mainly in Cataloging- LAC group DC, DC.4- Online writers- examiner.com, Washington DC5- Project Manager, Educational Services- Scholastic, Washington DC6- Girls head coach (tennis, soccer)- Loudoun County Public Schools in Ashburn7- Specialist, student behavior support- District of Columbia Public Schools, Washington.8- Hourly home bound teachers- Loudoun County Public Schools, Ashburn.9- Student data systems trainer- District of Columbia Public Schools, Washington10- Special Education teacher( 2010-2011)- Lighthouse Academy, WashingtonEducation jobs, DC offer you these recommended job profiles and whichever suits your area, working hours, you can apply for them online. DC education work requires such capable teachers who can also teach at the universities that are already mentioned and can get a good amount of salary, pertaining to your position.Not only teaching, you can also go for consultancy, analysis, project managing, and clinical instructing. There should be persistence and competency from your part, and if you love to teach kids, then kindergarten schools, public schools that employ 1st to 5th grade teachers, who could teach languages, music, mathematics, English, etc.This is all the educational work you need to do, with suitable teaching aids in DC schools and colleges and ensure the required degree for the education job DC is offering you.